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Now play your favorite game, Antakshari online!

Sing along with your friends or challenge anybody online.

If you are a music enthusiast and have immense music trivia, then join us in the legendary game of Antakshari..With simple rules and a click you can play with anybody across India.

Application includes features like:

  • Public connect games like Snakes and Ladders and Spin the Wheel where you answer simple trivia questions about music and win.
  • Play with your friends or go public and play with other guests on Mehfil Mastee.
  • Find out the top trending players (You could be one of them!)
  • Not only can you play the game but also showcase your talent to the world. People can discover your hidden talent. Mehfil Mastee also poses as a platform for people to connect and inspire others. Self-record a video and post it or share it from YouTube.
  • See latest post of the artist you love and book them for several events.
  • Also visit the live performances by various artists or select recording of your favorite and listen to them at your convenience.

Download mobile application or play online, Login and Come Sing!

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